12 Last Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas for Authors

Has December rushed past without a marketing plan for selling your books? Owl Simply Design has a list to help you with some last-minute sales.


Anna Christine


Christmas is ALMOST HERE! Literally around the corner.

I’m not ready… well, at least regarding marketing. I’ve been too focused on client work and getting my house ready for Christmas to really market my novels this year.


Here are some quick ideas that won’t take long
to put together or break the bank.

  1. Your Books in Christmas Holiday Photos
    Show your books as a Christmas gift (Bonus if readers share your book as a gift)
    Stage photos with your novel in holiday settings

  1. Have a Special Sale
    Do you have more than one book? Create a 2-for-1 Deal or a discount for purchasing multiple copies of your books.

  1. Create Holiday-Themed Christmas Posts to Engage Your Audience
    Favorite Christmas Gift Favorite Christmas Memory
    Favorite Christmas Reads Favorite Christmas Movie
    Favorite Christmas Tradition Favorite Christmas Song

  1. Create a Gift Basket with Your Book and Gifts for Specific Genres
    Romance novel - cozy socks and peppermint hot chocolate (Or based on the character's job)
    Mystery novel - fun mug and favorite tea
    Devotional - journal and fun pen
    Bible Study - Sermon notebook and Bible highlighters
    Sci-Fi Book - Pluto is still a planet T-shirt & socks

  1. Remind Gift Givers Gifting a Kindle About Your eBooks
    Don't let them gift a Kindle without some books to add to their reading list

  1. Write a Christmas-themed Story Using One of Your Characters
    Publish as a standalone eBook
    Or include free with a purchase of other novels

  1. Run Holiday Ads
    Local Newsletters

  1. Join Other Authors to Create a Fantastic Deal Together
    Authors can be other genres or similar
    Multiple Book Giveaways
    Special Promotions

  1. Holiday Gift Guides...
    Think about the gift baskets for specific ideas
    Local Small Business Gift Guide
    Homemade Gift Ideas

  1. Personal Contact with Your Readers
    End-of-Year Update
    Say THANK YOU!
    Celebrate your success for the past year

  1. Christmas Photo Contest
    Ugly Sweater
    Holding your book
    Your book with a Christmas tree
    Christmas decor

  1. Create Holiday - Gifting Swag
    Genre-related gifts
    Mugs and cups

After the holidays, reach out to your audience to reflect on their experience with your business this year. This will give your great insight and ideas for next year. Be on the lookout for marketing ideas throughout the year.