Clutter Free Christmas Gifts People Will Love

Great clutter-free gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Anna Christine


Why Should I Give Clutter-Free Gifts?

Gift-giving can be stressful... finding the perfect gift, navigating the stores, or ordering early enough for it to arrive on time all the while trying to stay within your budget can be a BIG HEADACHE.

Then there's the receiving of a gift because no matter what you receive, it is only proper to say "Thank you!" However, finding room for something you might not need or want can be its own BIG HEADACHE. 

Let me HELP you find the perfect clutter-free gift to give
& ask to receive - creating less stress for everyone involved.

Clutter-free gifts are great because it’s a gift which does something for someone. Whether a donation to a worthy cause or a gift that the person can use and enjoy, these types of gifts are useful and unique.

I became a big believer in useful gifts after I started living on my own. Receiving tons of chachkies (a Yiddish word for trinkets and collectibles, AKA dusk collectors) I wasted too much time dusting which made me realize I would rather have something useful, especially as a college student on a budget.

After this realization, I tried to make sure I gave clutter-free, useful gifts to friends and family in an effort to give gifts I knew the person would appreciate.

Let’s face it, most people already have everything they need. From clothes to toys, we usually don’t need anything more just because it is Christmas time.

What are Clutter-Free Gifts?

Most Clutter-Free Gifts Fall into Five Main Categories:

1. Charitable Gifts
2. Experience Gifts
3. Used or Consumed Gifts
4. Gifts of Time
5. Reusable Gift Items

1 | Charitable Gifts

While you might not need more "clutter" there are families, groups, and organizations which could use help. Not just across the world, but also in your own towns and neighborhoods.

Here are a few ideas for Charitable Gifts to donate on someone’s behalf:

1. Donate to a local charity
(Feed the hungry programs, homeless programs, childhood hunger, orphanages, animal shelters, etc.)

2. Buy groceries for a person in need
(Great Gift for A Senior!)

3. International charities

4. Buy warm winter coats for a family

5. Adopt a family for Christmas

6. Invite someone without a family to join your family's celebrations

7. Church programs

(Churches help people all year long and can always use a helping hand.)

1. Classes to learn something new (Online or In-person)

2. Concert/Play tickets

3. Date night for a couple with a new baby

4. Date night for a senior couple who don’t get out much

5. Dinner at a favorite restaurant or even a new one!

6. Zoo, Science/History/Art Museums, Escape Room

7. Travel: Airbnb, Weekend getaway

2 | Experience Gifts

Gifts of experience are great for everyone. From kids to seniors, there are options for all to enjoy. While the experience will last a short while, the memories will be there for a lifetime.

Here are a few ideas:

3 | Used or Consumed Gifts

These gifts offer a wide range of usefulness, while still being thoughtful. These items could be eaten or used and then thrown away when done without adding permanent clutter to a home.

Here are a few ideas for used or consumed gifts which can be bought or handmade. You can also support small businesses with some of these items.

1. Food items:
Mason jar desserts, Baskets of favorite foods, fruit baskets, coffee beans, or favorite candy

2. Baskets:
Movie Baskets: Favorite DVD, popcorn, and flavorings
Cooking Baskets: Nice Olive Oil, Favorite recipe, and ingredients

3. Candles, Bath Bombs, or Makeup

4. Hobby Supplies

5. Favorite Products:
Shampoos, Perfume, Lotions, Foods, or Snacks

6. Books, Journals, or Pens

7. Gift Cards
Mani-Pedis, Amazon, Salons, Local Businesses

1. Babysitting

2. Housesitting

3. Pet Sitting

4. Yard work
(Great for a Senior)

5. House Cleaning (Great for a Senior)

6. Professional Organizer

7. Grocery Shopping for Someone

4 | Gifts of Time

Gifts of time can be spending time with someone or doing something for them. Spend as much time as needed on the gift and put your whole heart into the gift. This is a thoughtful gift that shines more than any amount of money ever could.

Here are a few ideas:

5 | Reusable Gifts

Reusable gifts are useful all year long or are useful over and over again. These gifts keep on giving and are a wonderful reminder of your thoughtfulness, long after the holidays.

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Eco-friendly products for the home:
Reusable bags, dishcloths, silicone bags, wool dryer balls, etc.

2. Membership/Subscription boxes that have useful items and experiences:
Cooking, Pandora, Bark Box, etc.

3. Audio Books/ Book swap

4. Potted Plant/Tree

5. Herb growing kit

6. Create a T-shirt blanket

7. A Family Keepsake they’ve wanted

This is just a small glimpse into gifting clutter-free items to your family and friends. I hope this post gave you some great ideas to start your own clutter-free gift-giving.

Clutter-free gifts make the holidays a little easier and will help you give gifts to friends and family who will truly love and value them.