How to Create a Pinterest Board for Your Project

Step-by-step instructions for creating a Pinterest board for your graphic designer.


Anna Christine


Why Create a Pinterest Board?

As a creative designer, I LOVE PINTEREST! I can spend hours on the site researching ideas and finding inspiration.

You might be asking yourself:
“But I’m not a designer.
“I don’t know what to look for?”
“Do I really need to make time to make a Pinterest Board?”

Then I would pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea and say:

“But I’m not a designer." Maybe not, but you do know what you like!

“I don’t know what to look for?” I'VE GOT YOU COVERED IN A HANDY DANDY CHEAT SHEET

“Do I really need to make time to make a Pinterest Board?” YES! A PINTEREST BOARD WILL HELP (YOU AND I)
to learn more about your STYLE QUICK AND EASY!

Pinterest is a visual tool to help you choose styles, colors, fonts, and so much more!

While I do have you fill out a short questionnaire, what clients say versus what they pin on their board can be very different.

Don’t worry, we’ll talk about them both in detail during our Discovery Call and find out what REALLY works for you.

How to Set Up Your Account

Steps to Create A Personal Account

1. Go to Pinterest
2. Enter your email, Create a Password, and enter your Age.
3. Click Continue
4. Click Next
5. Select how you identify
6. Select your language and country/region from the dropdown menus
7. Select 5 or more topics
8. Click Done!
9. If you’re only creating a Pinterest account for this project: just save pins and when ready to share - refer to the below.
10. Otherwise: Create a Board for working with Owl Simply Design. Name it however you choose.
11. Make comments for the Creative Designer

How to Share your Account with Owl Simply Design

Steps to Share Account

1A. Log in to your Pinterest Account
2A. Find the board or account to share
4A. Select Email
5A. Enter and type a message (optional)
6A. Hit Send
7A. Relax - homework is done!

How to Choose Pins for Your Boards:

Choosing what to pin is easy once you have a list.

Write out around 4-5 keywords that fit your brand ideas. These will come in handy as you search for pins making it so much easier to quickly find pins to make your heart go pitter-pat! See the end of this post for a great list of brand key words ideas.

Step 1: Branding Key Words

Depending on what you are working with Owl Simply Design for:


Final products can be used to search for ideas for pinning on your boards.

Step 2: Searching the Basics

Don’t worry about what you would like to use or pins that look good together, that’s what the Creative Designer is here to help you figure out. There is no wrong answer, so have fun and try a combination of different phrases and keywords. LOOK FOR AROUND 50 pins!


Look for images and try typing in different keywords to find color palettes that speak to you. Try being generalized and specific in your search and see what pops up!

Examples: Fall Colors, Winter Colors, Jewel Tones, Gray Colors, Sunset


Look for patterns and textures by using words you think of when it comes to your brand.

Examples: Floral Patterns, Soft Textures, Geometric, Feminine, Masculine


Know anything about fonts? That’s okay! Try typing in the main font categories and pin images of fonts you like and font combinations that make you swoon! (It’s okay if you don’t swoon at gorgeous fonts as I do!)

*Don’t worry if these font styles mean nothing to you - you’re just looking for font styles you like.

Font Styles

You can also try searching with keywords you use when thinking about your brand.

Examples: Modern, Clean, Bold, Feminine, Masculine, Flirty, Fun


Look for 4-5 logos you love! Think about companies and businesses you interact with for some inspiration.


These images can be reflective of your personal style and tastes - try looking at interiors or fashion images. Be literal in your search - have an event business - search weddings, parties, or even wedding dresses.


While your brand is a showcase to others about who you are and what you do, it also helps to think about YOUR CLIENT! What would your ideal client wear or style their home or how would they throw a party?

Step 3: Search the Project Scope

What is Owl Simply Design helping you to create?

Print Design?
Social Media Templates?
Book Cover?
Marketing Products?
Author Branding?

Type in those words on Pinterest or even Google and share on Pinterest. See what strikes your fancy.

Step 4: Review Your Pins

After you’ve pinned until your heart is content, take a breather and walk away. Give yourself a chance to come back and see if you’re still in love with what you pinned to your board. Remove the ones you don’t like and add more if you want. [Keep in mind to have around 50 pins total]

COMMENT ON YOUR PINS - This lets the Creative Designer know why you specifically liked each pin. You can do this as you go along or at the end.

Creative Designer's Process

When you are finished with your Pinterest board, I will review it along with your design questionnaire. I’ll make notes and we will review both items in your Discovery Call.

After our call, the Pinterest board, Questionnaire, and notes from the Discovery Call will help me to kick-start your brand inspiration board which will guide me throughout the project.

We will review the Brand Inspiration Board in our Design Review Call before the Creative Designer moves forward with your mock-ups and proofs.

This simple process helps the Creative Designer quickly and easily get to the heart of your brand with little back and forth trying to “pin” it down without needing direction from you.

I have created two Pinterest boards to show you to give you some ideas. Please Note: You do NOT have to categorize your pins into sub-boards unless you REALLY want to!

Pinterest Example Board #1
Hair Stylist

Branding Adjectives: Desert Chic | Modern | High-End

Very detailed + organized for the Creative Designer to review!

Pinterest Example Board #2
Family-Owned Construction Company

Branding Adjectives: Rustic | Masculine | Traditional

Lots of pins + great content for the
Creative Designer to work with!

*PLEASE NOTE: Owl Simply Design DOES NOT COPY logos, but we are inspired by them and can help you find out why you love them - such as the font, the image, and other design secrets.

Pinterest Example Board #1 Hair Stylist

Branding Adjectives: Desert Chic | Modern | High-End

Pinterest Example Board #2 Family-Owned Construction Co.

Branding Adjectives: Rustic | Masculine | Traditional

Brand Adjectives

Need Ideas for Brand Adjectives?

Choose 10-12 from the list below & pair down to your 3 favorites!

*Tip: Print out and circle your favorites.

I look forward to working with you!