What Exactly is AIP?

AIP stands for Aging in Place - the ability to grow older in your OWN home.


Anna Christine


AIP stands for Aging in Place which basically means the ability to grow older in your OWN home, staying near your community even faced with the challenges of growing older, such as facing limited abilities, economic challenges, or lifestyle changes.

Making changes to an existing home can help people maintain their independence longer when the home is DESIGNED to be safer and more functional.

AIP can be a better option for long-term care or assisted living facilities because it helps people maintain familiar routines, remain involved in their communities and provides economic benefits.

What does an Aging-in-Place Designer Do?

As an AIP Designer, I empower my clients to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible. Understanding my client’s changing needs and lifestyles, I assist in creating spaces to help seniors as they transition to the next chapter of their lives. Preparing for current and future needs using the concepts of accessible, universal, and visitable design, I design spaces that help ensure Aging in Place is a viable option for clients.

Ways an Aging In Place Specialist Can Help:

What does Owl Simply Design’s Aging in Place Specialist offer?

An aging-in-place specialist will objectively assess your home without emotional attachment or judgment. An Owl Simply Design specialist will review the entire home (inside and out) to determine ways to help you stay in your home safely as long as possible.

This package is for you if you need to prepare for older parents moving in long-term, clients looking to make their home safer before the full effects of aging, or clients who are facing a health crisis and need their home assessed, even if only for a temporary recovery timeline.

What does the Aging In Place Package Include:

  • In-Home* or Virtual Assessment (60-90 Minutes)

  • Questionnaire to discover your specific needs

  • Discuss in detail the needs and challenges you face in the space

  • Assess the exterior and interior of the home

  • Written Formal assessment with recommendations and ideas

  • 1:1 meeting to discuss recommendations and possible next steps

    *The client must live within 20 miles of the Cartersville, Georgia city limit, otherwise additional charges may be added.


What is an Aging-in-Place In-Home Assessment?

At the in-Home Assessment, we will evaluate your home, room by room to identify needs & concerns.

I will ask questions about your personal lifestyle, design aesthetics, plans for your living situation, as well as any medical conditions which can affect design decisions. Balancing your needs & budget, we will prioritize modifications.

I will then create a Custom Aging in Place Plan, sent after our assessment which includes an estimate for different levels of modifications, time, and budget information.

What about Privacy and Communication?

Owl Simply Design understands an Aging in Place In-Home Assessment discusses personal and sometimes embarrassing topics. Your privacy is a priority for us. We shall hold all information provided by the client as private & confidential and not disclose any information or photographs about the client, their family, or project, without express written prior consent of the client.

What Happens Next?

  1. Call to Set Up an In-Home (or Virtual) Assessment

  2. Once scheduled, you will receive an email with the Welcome Packet with more in-depth information about the process.

  3. The In-Home Assessment: View all areas of the home (interior and exterior), and discuss health concerns, home functionality, goals, and options for your space.

  4. After the assessment, Owl Simply Design will create a customized aging-in-place plan breaking down all options and next steps.

  5. Set up a Next Steps Call to discuss recommendations and next steps.

What If I Still Have Questions?

I would love to talk to you and answer any questions you have. Please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I am here to help you in any way I can.