Why Authors Need Branding BEFORE Publishing!

Top 6 reasons authors need to be a branded business before publishing your book.


Anna Christine


The difference between a writer and an author is anyone can be a writer, but only someone who desires to put their work out into the world and be seen as a professional can call themselves an actual author.

Being an author is SCARY!

I know, I remember the slow process of getting my writings ready for publishing, figuring out how to get a website, start a blog, promote, promote, and promote. It’s not easy and honestly, I wish someone had told me to start marketing before I ever started typing my first novel.


But now, I have the privilege of helping future authors and current authors brand themselves to make a statement in the world. I help you create the VISUAL voice of your brand. Still not convinced?

Here are 6 reasons you should have an author brand:

When someone views your website or social media accounts, they will instantly recognize you and find you easily as they move across platforms.

Branding is the first step of the author journey, eventually, you might want to have a full website, blog, and someday your own Youtube channel. When you have a brand, you always have the resources to go at your own pace in adding tools to your author platform.

Working with someone to create your website, you’ve got a solid base to create WHATEVER you need next without starting from scratch. No matter who helps you along your writing journey - your brand will look consistent.

We are a visual species and with social media platforms, the internet, and other visual platforms that are fast-paced “tell me quick mentality” means you have to catch someone's attention FAST.

People form a first impression in a MERE 50 MILLISECONDS.

A consistent brand will catch not only someone’s eye but create higher engagement with your viewers.

Posts with images produce 650% HIGHER ENGAGEMENT than text-only posts.

Visuals with color increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.

Your brand is you - not the book because hopefully, you’re writing more than one. A brand focused on you makes it easier for a reader to know you, like you, and trust you. This leads to them buying your books because they support you and feel the connection to YOU!

Athletes don’t wish themselves to the Olympics BUT TRAIN their way to achieve their dream. Branding is the gym where you start training your life as an author. Setting up a brand establishes goals, your mission, your vision, and the look.

Branding is the umbrella that keeps your many stories linked. No matter how many genres you write, understanding your brand will help you keep consistent in your message to help new and old customers find you.

Branding helps to sell products. Since the brand is you - you are selling something personal and unique. You can stand out in the world and get your stories read by people who understand you.

You’re not being fake, not out there to be some false persona trying to hawk your wares, and good branding will convey that to your audience in a way that is authentic to YOU!

I look forward to working with you!